Gold B1 Preliminary (N/Ed.) - Sb - Clare Walsh

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Gold New Edition follows the same approach as previous editions but has been revised and updated following extensive research with users throughout the world. It helps teachers to deliver stimulating, discussion-rich lessons with focused exam preparation. Each level of the series offers a strong emphasis on communicative practice and the development of natural speaking skills to build student confidence for exams and beyond.Gold B1 Preliminary provides focused exam preparation, in line with 2020 B1 Preliminary exam requirements. It provides:a fast-paced syllabus with comprehensive exam coverage for the B1 Preliminary examstimulating topics and texts with extensive opportunities for discussionthorough skills training with a strong emphasis on vocabulary learningextensive writing support, including full reference with sample answersa unit-by-unit grammar reference sectiona full practice testUpdated content tailored to the 2020 exam specificationsA full practice test in the CoursebookAudio scripts in the back of the bookMyEnglishLab written specifically for Gold B1 PreliminarySpeaking test videos plus worksheet